Bio-Terrorism Preparedness

Hazardous Materials
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The state is getting some help with it's efforts to put together a bio-terrorism preparedness plan.

Illinois is receiving funding to be used for emergency services. State officials say this is another step toward protecting citizens against future terrorism attacks.

The Department of Health and Human Services is providing Illinois with nearly $21 million. This is an attempt to help public health and emergency response systems better prepare for bio-terrorist attacks.

This is the first time that federal, state and local governments have joined together on a plan against terrorist attacks. The funds will help the area recognize what needs to be done if such an emergency should come about.

The money will be put towards public health, hospital and pharmaceutical stock piling and it should reach law enforcement agencies within the next year.

Mayor Doug Scott says this state funding will not only help put people at ease, but also help the state accomplish the goal of protecting their citizens.

The stateline area will receive around $200,000 of the 20-percent the government initially gave the state. The remaining funds will be released over the next year.