Crime Crackdown in Rockford

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This probably wasn't the way this man hoped to end his Friday night...Escorted into a police car for drug possession. It was one of at least four arrests and several bans made Friday night as a private security force, known as Merchants Police, hit the Concord Commons. "We're hitting it hard, that's the goal, to clean it all up," said Larry Hodges with the Merchants Police. All together there were nine officers and 2 K-9 dogs on hand for this patrol. Some were posted at the entrance to make sure those coming in belonged there and weren't bringing any trouble. Other canvassed the apartment residents watched this Friday night spectacle unfold. "We found everything from a guy carrying a fake weapon, looked like 24 calibur to crack cocaine and marijuana," Hodges said. Hodges say nailing those down who had the drugs wasn't so easy. Remember this guy from earlier...Getting into the patrol car...It took four men to restrain him. So tough night, yes, but one that Hodges feels will make a diffrence, knowing what he's seen with similar crackdown in other housing projects. "Blackhawk, since we've been there, there haven't been any serious problems," Hodges said. So here's to some good coming out the bad at this Friday sting night at the Concord Commons.

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