Gasoline Blend Causing Increased Prices at Pump

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For those living in Cook County and the collar counties like McHenry, people who pulled up to the pump this summer were paying ten to 15 cents higher than those in the stateline, all because of a federal mandate passed four years ago requiring larger cities to reformulate their gas between May 1 and September 15.

This gasoline blend uses a corn byproduct that's supposed to help the environment and reduce the amount of emissions that damage our ozone.

One station owner, Judd Daniels, owner of J&D Oil Inc., says there's a reason it’s only four months out of the year.

"In the colder temperatures, there aren't enough emissions that have been damaging to the ozone. It has been proven, so I think somewhere down the road with the way traffic's increasing, you're either going to see larger areas mandated probably Winnebago County and Boone County will be brought into this," says Daniels.

Daniels says the price goes up to pay for this environmentally friendly gasoline and customers bear the brunt of these costs. Once gas stations are mandated to use this type of gasoline, all pumps have to be upgraded within two years. Station owners will most likely charge customers more to offset these costs.