School District Suspends Bi-Lingual Administrator

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Rockford School District 205 has suspended the general director of the bilingual program Doctor Sylvia Carrizales. Right now she's suspended from her position with pay.

Carrizales lawyer announced plans to fight back which could mean the school district would yet again be involved in a lawsuit.

Carizalles has been with the dictrict for about three years. Her job was to work with bi-lingual students and advise the board on state mandates. But according to her lawyer, maybe Carizalles did her job too well.

The school board could face a lawsuit after Dr. Sylvia Carrizales received a letter from the board saying she would be temporarily suspended with pay. Carrizales lawyer Lisa Leitter says Carrizalles was just doing her job by pointing out ways the school board is not meeting state mandates.

Wanda Vickerman who works at Conklin school says this legal situation doesn't surprise her. She works right in the midst of what Carizalles was hired to create a diverse classroom in which bi-lingual students were integrated.

Wanda says her worries with all this talk of lawsuits will only hurt the ultimate goal of helping the children.

Carizalles lawyer Lisa Leitter says she is waiting to hear how the board will respond. If not she is investigating the matter and says she may file a wrongful termination suit or something along the lines of discrimination. As for the school board there's no comment on what prompted this suspension.