A Learning Situation?

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Racial profiling was not on the agenda at Tuesday night's Rockford School Board meeting, but a large group of concerned parents and community members brought it to the board's attention, again.

Last Tuesday, the board met behind closed doors to address the incident at Flinn Middle School where six African American students were photographed, questioned and then cataloged as potential gang members.

Rockford Supt. Dr. Dennis Thompson is very open about admitting the situation was handled completely wrong. Dr. Thompson says this is now a chance to learn, but parents want more than a learning lesson. They want policies changed in order to prevent future racial profiling.

Over and over parents expressed concerns about racial profiling. Board members replied by saying they were concerned about the way the incident was handled, but board members do not believe this issue involves any of the student's race.

If no further actions are taken to change school policies, parents are prepared to take legal action.