Classes Begin in New Building for Rockford College MBA

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ROCKFORD -- (WIFR) This is the first year in the MBA program for 22-year-old Byron Emerson. Byron actually received a job offer working for Wells Fargo after finishing is undergrad in Ohio, but he declined because he didn't want to settle.

"If I wanted to move away for a job, I wanted it to be a career that I wanted to do for a while," explains Emerson.

Byron says he's really glad he didn't take that position because Wells Fargo recently shut down about 800 branches nationwide. Job security is also why he headed to Rockford College to get his masters in Business Administration.

Emerson says, "One can be more versatile within business, from marketing, to finance."

The new MBA facility on E. State St. was built to accommodate the growing demand for those looking to further their education.

"Many, many, many people have undergraduate degrees and so in order to really advance, you need that advanced degree. You also need the advanced degree if you want to change your career or expand your career," says Jeff Fahrenwald, Director of the MBA Program at Rockford College.

Right now the MBA program has up to 150 students enrolled, and many of them agree that in order to stand out, advanced education is key.

"I worked at an accounting firm for a couple months and they merged with another company and they did not accept me because I didn't have that advanced degree," says Jason Sage, a third semester MBA student.

MBA student Ricardo Gonzalez adds, " It's very difficult right now to find a job, for everyone, and I thought it would be a smart idea to continue by education and build up my resume."

If you're interested in joining the MBA program at Rockford College, call 815-226-4040 to set up an appointment or to get more information.

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