Concord Commons March

A young woman is shot in the back at Rockford’s concord commons housing project last Wednesday. She's the second woman shot in the back at concord this month. Ronda Stone says violence is a part of life here, but she's not taking it sitting down anymore.

"Today we out here marching because we're trying to stop the violence, all the drug activities that's going on today," says Stone

Ronda's brother, Billy Stone started the urban safe community project to offer at-risk youth an alternative.

"I grew up in a situation like this and I done seen everything and I have a little daughter and I don't want her going through the same things that I went through,” says Stone.

The group marches to spread its message throughout Rockford’s toughest neighborhoods.

"I let them know that this ain't the way to go because in that type of lifestyle you only got two outs. It's death or penitentiary."

Stone also heads the not-for-profit foundation "Please Care About Us". Members help kids get access to tutoring and after school programs like sports. Or they just lend an ear and some advice to a kid in need. Stone wants to start holding monthly meetings to get community feedback and draw more voices into the cause. Ronda says it can be hard to change people's ways.

"If they want to change, but if we can get to the young folks and try to teach them a better route then that's the way we can change things."