Prostitution Problems

15th Ward Alderman Jeff Holt is proposing a resolution he says would help wipe the illegal activity out of his district.

Holt's proposal says if an individual is arrested for soliciting a prostitute, their name and picture would be placed on the city's website.

St. Paul, Minnesota is just one city that's started placing the pictures of solicitors on its website. The root of the prostitution problems runs deep. It could take years to rehabilitate members of the area's prostitution ring because so many prostitutes are also drug abusers, so Holt says that if you go after the men who solicit you could attack the problem from the other side.

Many in the 7th Street/Broadway area say they're tired of prostitutes plying their trade on neighborhood sidewalks. Holt say his resolution is just one part of the ongoing efforts to improve the Mid-Town district.