Rockford Shootings...

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Right now, a neighborhood street is closed off after shots are fired... Investigators tell us the victim was shot in the back in the 1400 block of Elm Street in Rockford. First responders found him in the 200 block of Hinkley. Paramedics took the victim to Rockford Memorial Hospital. Police tell us the shooting was the result of a confrontation of some kind. A total of up to 10 shots were fired...witneses claim the suspects are all juveniles.

A 12 year old boy is also in the hospital after he was shot in the foot during a drive by shooting. It happened in the 700 block of Island Avenue. Witnesses claim four different vehicles were seen in the area before shots were fired, including a white Chevy Tahoe, a burgandy Dodge Neon and a Purple Pontiac. No word yet who the target of that shoting far no one has been taken into police custody and the investigation is ongoing.

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