Police Back at East High School

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Freshman Shanice Tolliver returned to East High School Friday, greeted by an unexpected police patrol. "They were in the locker rooms, the gym, and alot of them were in the hallways," Tolliver said. And once school let out Friday, officers were seen leading students out of the building...and standing guard. All in response to the multiple fights on Thursday that started in the school's cafeteria and then spilled outisde. Nobody was hurt but 12 students were arrested. "According to what we've found out, it's random, just two students starting it and we go from there," Principal Todd France said. Some students on Thursday thought gangs were to blame for all the commotion...But France says the investigation so far has ruled that out. He says the beefed-up patrol on Friday was brought out to ensure safety at school. And he's confident everyone can move beyond this turbulant week. "No, I don't think it's tough to move on, try and get the students back in for a normal day, a normal flow," France said. As for Tolliver, she says the added police force made her a little nervous Friday. But knowing that she wasn't part of the fights to begin with offers some security. "I wasn't beefing with anyone. I didn't have no problems with anyone so I know was O-K." She also says normalcy should return with this weekend's homecoming still on. As far as those 12 students arrested in this week's fights, they're facing a string of misdemeanor and felony charges. They have since been released to their parents. The students also face disciplinary hearings before the school board. Suspension or even expulsion is possible if the board finds a violation of district code.