Rockford Center Teaches Self-Defense Skills

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While she enjoys working out, Heather Grider is looking to tough up in another way: self-defense, the main focus at Rockford's Elite Defense Systems.

"I've seen some of the women in here in the ring and they do exude confidence and they look stronger. They look like they’re having fun and they're learning something that is going to secure their future, "Grider said.

Securing people's safety on the streets is the main goal for owner Matt Numrich. He spends his weeks instructing four classes for all adult ages, toughening both the body and mind

"Skills breed confidence and if you look more confident you're going to be a harder target to hit," Numrich said.

In combining the teachings of five self-defense concepts and a high-octane workout, Numrich says the center is the ultimate one-stop shop.

"You can learn fitness aspects just as much as your self-improvement aspects, and at the same time learn some of skills that God forbid you ever need to use just in case," Numrich said.

With sexual assault rates at one every since minutes, as a female, Grider says learning to protect herself is a must.

"As a female in particular you are always looked on as a more vulnerable person, so with the class, you can learn skills that are valuable in every city, in every state," Grider said.