YouthBuild Nationally Recognized

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A Rockford youth organization is set to receive national recognition. YouthBuild of Rockford is being named one of the top 20 youth organizations in the country by Pepnet and the Department of Labor.

Getting high school drop outs and unemployed kids back on their feet is a hard task, but one YouthBuild of Rockford is winning.

Four current and previous graduates, and program director Kerry Knodle will head to Washington D.C., and be named one of 19 top youth programs in the country this Thursday.

"This gives us the opportunity to attract fundraising, if they see we are a nationally recognized program, it will help us out greatly,” says Knodle.

Fundraising is key for YouthBuild, that's because the program is free for participants between 16 and 24 years old.

Criteria to win the award include purpose and activities, organization and management, youth development, work force development and evidence of success.

YouthBuild of Rockford received the same national recognition back in 1997.

Program directors say whenever you get a national award, you can expect phone calls and invitations to talk with other groups about how success is achieved.