Business 9-11

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Stateline businesses are busy this week making plans to remember victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, trying to incorporate remembrance with work that has to be done. Wednesday will not be another day on the job for most Americans. It will be an emotional day of reflection. Area businesses are trying to give employees an opportunity to remember, while moving on.

When terror struck America nearly a year ago, workers at Byron’s Austin-Western plant came together for a memorial ceremony. And they plan to come together again this Sept. 11.

"At 8:46 a.m. our 200 team members are going to gather at our flag pole with the flag at half mast and we're going to have a moment of reflection and prayer,” says Gene Berg, President of Austin-Western.

Before planning the ceremony, berg made some calls to see what other businesses are doing.

"We want to do our own thing but we also want to be in sync with the rest of the country,” says Berg.

"I think it's fantastic that our company is doing something,” says employee David Hutchinson.

A veteran himself, Hutchinson says it's important for workers to come together.

"We're going to get the word out to wear the American flag or red, white and blue, ribbons or something on that day,” says Hutchinson.

Showing patriotism that day is also important to Amcore employees in Rockford, where red, white, blue attire is encouraged on Wednesday and a moment of silence will be held that morning.

"We wanted to honor the day and we wanted to make it a part of our work day. So we thought these were things that let us do that and still serve customers,” says Katherine Taylor.

Amcore and other are companies are planning to distribute messages from company leaders through email or memos on Wednesday. Amcore will also have human resources officials on hand to help employees cope.

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