Prostitution Sting

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Rockford Police are cracking down on prostitution in the Forrest City.

On August 12, police targeted areas in Rockford were complaints of prostitution and street crimes have been reported. Undercover officers were able to target people involved in street level sex crimes.

Seven women were arrested and now face criminal charges:

Arbella Young, 49, Soliciting a Ride on the Roadway.

Cecelia A. Stroud, 47, Prostitution.

Regina M. Ganaway, 40, Soliciting a Ride on the Roadway.

Natalie A. Billo, 20, Prostitution.

Tina M. Hursh, 43, Felony Prostitution and Battery.

Kesha St. Junious, 32, Felony Prostitution.

Lakeesha L. Mosley, 33, Felony Prostitution.

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