Rockford Fitness Center Expanding to 24-Hour Format

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Move over late night diners, Rockford exercisers now have a 24-hour home at Peak Fitness, meaning every worker in every shift can all burn off some calories.

"People are getting busier every day, so if we give them an opportunity to work out overnight or on the weekends at some odd time, that's great," Peak Fitness general manager Mike Koehl said.

Thirty-two people came out for Tuesday's 24-hour debut, a crowd that general manager Mike Koehl said had a mix of both 20-somethings and older adults.

"We'll see what happens but we think this will have an affect on a nice cross-section of people," Koehl said.

While management is pleased about the 24-hour turnout, those working out say they'll plan on taking advantage of the added hours as well.

"I think it's a great idea because there are so many people that do work night shifts that might want to come before work or after work. People can now come at 4 a.m. for an hour and work out," Brierton said.

Teacher Diana Brierton says she'll try out the extended schedule this weekend, excited that anyone can hit the gym anytime.

"I say maximize your life to the fullest and it live it to the fullest. If it means work out until 4 a.m. go for it, " Brierton said.