Frances Impact Felt in Rockford

For the 250 people who work at Landstar's Service Center in Rockford, today is for the most part just like any other, but the past several days have been anything but routine. And Hurricane Frances is to blame.

According to Vice President of Operations John Collins, the decision was made to switch over phones and computers from the company's Jacksonville, Florida headquarters on Friday, as Frances approached.

Twenty-five of Landstar's 750 employees in Florida were flown up to help with the extra workload.

After a weekend of work, and with Frances now gone, things are slowly returning to normal, and the reinforcements are heading home. But Landstar has more to deal with. The company's next task is to assist FEMA with logistical matters, such as transporting water, ice, blankets, and food to those affected by Hurricanes Frances and Charley.