School Board Discusses Alleged Racial Profiling

Board members called tonight's closed door meeting an information gathering and discussion session, and while it's still unclear just what may come out of the incident, board members acknowledge that the issue is a very serious one.

The importance of the issue was underscored by a group of concerned Flinn parents protesting outside during the meeting.

It was late last month when six Flinn students were eating lunch, when school administrators called them into the office one by one. There, each student was interrogated, photographed, and allegedly catalogued as potential gang members.

Board members say they've received dozens of calls from parents in the days following the incident, which prompted the board to hold Tuesday night's meeting.

And while the board is taking a stance that changes in policy should be dealt with by the administration, some members do acknowledge that there were clear cases of bad judgment on the part of Flinn Administrators.

Board member Mike Williams says that the photographing of the students was clearly inappropriate in that case, while Board President Nancy Kalchbrenner says Flinn's principal should have contacted the parents of the students involved.

The Board's next meeting is scheduled for September 14.