1% Sales Tax Referendum on November Ballot in Boone County

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BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) -- Voters in Boone County will be faced with another issue on this November's ballot, whether to increase the county sales tax to help the local school districts.

The Belvidere School Board is behind a referendum to increase the tax by one percent. Members say collecting more in sales tax will reduce the amount they would need to collect in property taxes. This will help pay off bond debt from newly constructed buildings. Its estimated District 100 will collect more than $2 million from the sales tax increase. North Boone Schools would also get a cut of the tax revenue.

The money from the referendum can only be used on capitol projects. Not things like textbooks or teacher salaries.

District 100 Website: http://www.district100.com/District/Pages/Sales-Tax-Referendum.aspx

District 200 Website: http://www.nbcusd.org/salestax.shtml

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