Video Gambling Ban Overturned

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BELVIDERE (WIFR) -- Belvidere City Council has repealed its video gambling ban, which means gaming machines are headed to the City of Murals.

“We're looking forward to having it happen."

Busch Gardens may be empty now, but Nancy Vettore hopes to change that, with the help of video gambling machines. As assistant manager, she says she's ready to bring more entertainment to the city.

"It's pure entertainment and that's what people are out looking for in the evenings or durng the afternoons..for some entertainment. so we're excited about it," said Vettore.

Vettore says she's just waiting for the city to finalize the ordinance.

"To us it’s going to bring clientele. It’s going to bring people into the bar."

Bar owners can apply for machines through the Illinois Gaming Board. Once approved, a representative will have to inspect the bar before the machines can be installed. The manager of waterfall is one step ahead of the game, Debra Hughes says she's already applied.

Once she's given the green light she says residents won't have to travel to play.

“It's going to keep our customers here in town. instead of them going to Rockford, keep the business here," Hughes said.

Hughes says she hopes video gambling will attract more customers during the day and more staff.

"We may have to hire more employees to open earlier,” said Hughes.

Once they're up and running, Belvidere will take five percent of the revenue generated from the gaming machines.

The owner of Buchanan Street Pub tells us she has also applied for gambling machines through the Illinois Gaming Board, but we’re told it will be a few months before machines are installed.

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