Local Artist Hired to Repaint Belvidere Murals

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BELVIDERE (WIR) -- A Belvidere High School grad returns home, paintbrush in hand, ready to leave his mark on the City of Murals.

John Berry is an artist who has traveled around the world working as a building designer and community artist. The Boone County Arts Council has brought Berry in to repaint the street scape mural and do touch up work on 3 other murals in Downtown Belvidere. Berry says, its good to be home and he's excited to give back to his community.

"Hopefully we can bring in some of this experience into Belvidere because it generates money and income. There are some great opportunities for people to make some nice restaurants here and and do some good design and hopefully I can help with that," Berry said.

The city has agreed to spend $42,000 on the mural work. Berry says it will take him a couple of months to get the job done.

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