UPDATE: Sassy's Playground Won't Open On Broadway

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- All of the stress trying to get a liquor license was too much for the owner of Sassy's Playground.

The owner says she's decided to back out of plans to build a bar in the Broadway Neighborhood. But says she has other plans in the works.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Sassy's playground, the country-western bar on Broadway is at least another month away from opening.

Last night Rockford’s liquor tobacco advisory board agreed to continue their discussions at their next meeting. Neighbors are concerned the bar will cause nothing but trouble, even though the general manager has promised to take extra precautions to keep nearby neighbors safe.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The battle over a country-western bar comes to a head tomorrow night. The City of Rockford will decide whether to grant “Sassy’s Playground” a liquor license. The bar’s general manager says she’s trying to bring new life to the old “Body Shop” gentleman’s club on Broadway and will take extra precautions to keep the neighborhood safe. The bar will hire security, improve the lighting in their parking lot and even install security cameras. While some neighbors argue that’s not enough, the GM says we should think of the alternatives.

“Along with a bar comes a lot of the other ills, loud music, drag racing up and down the street and it’s all a residential area right behind here,” said Joe Owen, President of the ORCHiD Neighborhood Assn.
“Without it being open, I’m afraid of what might happen to this part of Broadway. I feel that it may get worse,” said Sassy’s Playground General Manager, Suny.

Suny tells us if Sassy’s Playground doesn’t get a liquor license, another investor is eyeing the location for a teens only nightclub.

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