ICC Ruling Could Halt Modernization

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Local politicians are concerned that a ruling by the Illinois Commerce Commission could jeopardize the future of Com-Ed's state of the art training center here in Rockford.

State Representative Chuck Jefferson held a press conference this morning at the site of the new facility on energy drive. He's concerned that the ICC’s mandated decrease in funding could put a halt to all modernization plans in the Stateline and the jobs that come with it. We had the chance to talk with Representative Jefferson and he tells us that he would hate for the ICC to wreck a strong relationship.
“It's a great situation for not just Rockford, but I think it's a great situation for ComEd to be here in Rockford, to have a great presence here in Rockford, for the workers to have a living wage and to bring us into the 21st century,” said Jefferson.

The ICC will make a decision on whether or not to restore funding to Com-Ed one week from today.

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