Harlem Road Toll Plaza Demolished

MACHESNEY PARK (WIFR) -- We've been telling you for weeks that the Harlem Toll Plaza was coming down and today Winnebago County made good on its promise.

The booths have collected over 15 million dollars since 1993. The money paid for the construction of the bridge and the county made its final bond payment in December. Now, with the remaining revenue, it is taking the structure down.

“It paid for itself and that was our goal. We knew at the time and I happened to sit on the committee when we voted to build it and we knew the estimates were high and they didn't make sense those kind of numbers. We thought that if they were somewhere near half correct, it would cover the bonds. Well it did cover the bond payments so we're happy with that,” said Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen.

Harlem road will be closed all week and will reopen April 22nd with one lane in each direction. It'll take another month or so before the bridge is construction free.

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