20 New Firefighters Sworn In

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Today the Rockford Fire Department welcomed 20 new recruits to its ranks.

One by one recruits said their oaths and were cheered on by family and friends Chief Derek Bergsten said this class is the largest in about fifteen years. A couple of the new firefighters have service in their blood. Their parents used to serve the city as well.
The newly sworn-in firefighters are:

Matthew Unger
Thomas Butler
James Beasley
Patrick Nielson
Mark Schlanger, Jr.
Nikolas Newson
Miguel Delarosa
Bryan Hutting
Anthony Dilonardo
Rory Blanchard
Eric Schweitzer
Travis Hawkins
Isaac Reynosa
Nathan Simmons
Joseph Hamblock
Isaiah Cattage
Joel Gustafson
Christopher Sima
Kenneth Worley
Pete Gioppo

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