First Look Frenzy: Freeport Pretzels

FREEPORT, Ill. (WIFR) Freeport has a big hill to climb after a one win campaign extended its playoff drought to eight seasons.

Seventh year head coach Aaron Wichman says the Pretzels should gain a lot when their junior class hits the field and, as always, a McShane will be one of their big threats on offense.

Wichman says we should expect to see senior Deion McShane all over the field.

"We'll use him all over the place," said Wichman. "Deion's a very talented athlete, everybody knows about him and his skill-set is very good and he works very hard. We'll try and use him in a lot of different positions."

"I'm ready for this season," said McShane. "We're all ready. Our team is ready. We mainly want to focus on being mentally tough and that's why we have our chalk talks before practice even starts. I think we'll be ready this year and we should be in the playoffs for sure."