First Look Frenzy: East E-Rabs

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) Anyone who's familiar with East head coach Gary Griffin knows that he's one tough dude.

For this season, the disciplinarian is working his players hard and trying to improve on their big 2016.

While the E-Rabs did not manage to make the playoffs, they did post their best win-loss record in 15 years.

The highlight of their 4-5 season was a week seven clash where they held on to upset the previously unbeaten Titans 20-14.

This year, Griffin is heavily relying on his seniors, but freshman Dominic McCaren may be the breakout star and he's not too shy to talk about the possibilities.

"Coming up i knew I had to make plays and at the first training camp, I was with the freshmen, told me "How would you like to play with the varsity?" and I was like "I love it,"" said McCaren. "I like to work and I make plays when I'm needed. On fourth downs, conversions, they need a touchdown, they can throw it my way and I'll make a play."

"He's fit in perfect all summer long," said Griffin. "He'll be the third freshman that has ever started for me in 28 years, but we've had two here so he's the second one here and won't play him there if he can't compete and he can."