First Look Frenzy: EPC Wildcats

Eastland-Pearl City, Ill. (WIFR) On the Northwest side of the NUIC, the Eastland Pearl City co-op is working harder than ever to not only make it to the playoffs, but take it all the way to the state finals.

With a 14-0record back in 2014, the Wildcats ran all the way through to post-season to win the state title. Ever since then, they've been trying to get back there. The team is led by head coach Randy Asche, whose son, Peyton enters his final year on the team. Now a senior, Peyton was a freshman during EPC's state run, and while he may not have played, said he looks back to that experience as motivation.

"It does, seeing those guys, seeing how they did it, see their focus and how they did it and it also gives me a hunger to go back there and try to get one of my own," Asche said. "You always got to look forward to the first game, take it one week at a time, because every team in the NUIC is a challenge. If you come out disrespecting a team, you're going to get beat, it's such a competitive conference and everyone in here is so good. But you do look forward to those big games, looking forward to having the entire stadium filled up."