Byron, Stillman Valley investigating fan behavior

On one side, Tigers fans say they feel disrespected by the actions of a few Cardinals supporters during Byron's 42-19 victory Friday night.

They accuse the Stillamn Valley side of burning their mascot in effigy and verbally harassing them in the stands.

On the other side, a pair of Byron students took to Snapchat after the game to desecrate a dead bird.

Due to their graphic nature, we have decided not to show any of the pictures or videos, but we can say they did accompany a vulgar caption aimed at the Cardinals.

The video also shows one of the two boys biting the head off of the dead bird.

Both school districts tell 23 News they are investigating the incidents.

Today districts 223 and 226 released a joint statement by superintendents Dr. Phillip Caposey and Dr. James Hammack:

"High school sports teach wonderful lessons and help to create memorable experiences for student-athletes and fans alike. When the behaviors of students and fans move beyond that of competition, enthusiasm, and good sportsmanship, however, such behaviors are not acceptable within either of our districts. Please be advised that our administrations are working together and investigating the incidents of poor behaviors stemming from our Friday evening football game. Additionally, we will reiterate to our students and fans about what it means to be good sports and to remind them that our expectation is for all students and fans to act with dignity and class at all times."