UPDATE: New information and timeline of Freeport couple's February murder

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Updated: May 1, 2017

FREEPORT (WIFR) -- It was a gruesome murder scene and now we're learning more about the February crime that took the lives of a Freeport couple, including a new timeline of when the crime actually occurred.

"There was blood throughout the home including blood in the kitchen and a blood trail in the kitchen to where their bodies were at," Freeport Detective TJ Smith explained during testimony at the Stephenson County Coroner’s Inquest into the deaths of Patrick Davis, 66, and Carlotta Davis, 59.

Trails of blood inside the couple’s home at 105 Park Crest Drive helped detectives put together the pieces of what happened to the couple. A coroner’s inquest ruled Monday their cause of death was homicide. Each was stabbed nearly 10 times.

"Even in the event of emergency medicine it would have been unlikely to survive some of the wounds that they sustained," Stephenson County Coroner Timothy Leamon, said.

The Davis' son Mitchell, 33, was also living there at the time. Detective Smith says the murder weapon was found in Mitchell Davis’ basement bedroom.

"There was a chair next to the bed, on that chair was an eight inch butcher knife that was covered in blood. It also had a pair of women’s reading glasses almost, kind of ceremoniously laid across them," Det. Smith said.

Detective Smith testified at the inquest Mitchell Davis admitted to the brutal murder, however it didn't happen as recently as originally thought. The couple was found around 12:30am on February 15th, however Detective Smith says surveillance video from a nearby home shows Davis leaving around 8am two days earlier, on Monday February 13th. No one came or left after that.

Davis surrendered to police near Springfield before anyone even knew his parents were dead.

With the ruling of the Davis' deaths a homicide the family is now eligible for victims benefits through the state. It also helps for life insurance purposes.

Mitchell Davis was charged with murder but was found unfit to stand trial. He'll be back in court for another fitness hearing in June.


Updated: March 23, 2017

FREEPORT, Ill. (WIFR) – The man accused of killing his parents at a Freeport home has been found unfit to stand trial.

Mitchell Davis, 33, was ordered to undergo a fitness evaluation after police say he stabbed his parents, Patrick and Carlotta Davis, at the couple’s home on Park Crest Drive in February.

According to court records, Davis was found to be unfit to stand trial and is to be placed into treatment. Another fitness hearing has been set for June.

Davis faces multiple charges including two counts of first degree murder.


Updated: Wednesday, February 15, 2017

UPDATE: FREEPORT, Ill. (WIFR) -- Patrick and Carlotta Davis are described by those who know them as loving and kind-hearted parents. That's exactly why neighbors are now shocked to hear about their deaths, allegedly at the hands of their son.

"They were sweet," says family friend Tonjia Johnson. "They were really nice, just pop over and talk about the flowers, the roses..."

Tonjia Johnson and her family say they'll miss their neighbors.

"We were all sitting out after we had a barbecue," she recalls. "She came right over and introduced herself and sat down and talked to use for a while and we just really enjoyed her company."

Johnson's brother lives next door to Patrick and Carlotta Davis on Park Crest Drive in Freeport. The two families quickly became friends. Now they're learning that the couple was killed. Police suspect Patrick and Carlotta's son is behind it.

"This is unfortunately a domestic situation that could erupt anywhere at anytime," says Freeport Police Chief Todd Barkalow.

Right now investigators say 33-year-old Mitchell Davis stabbed his parents inside their home, then drove their car just north of Springfield to Logan County, Illinois. That's when Logan County deputies stopped the car around 12:30 Wednesday morning, contacting Freeport police. Officers went to check out the home where the couple lived. They say they knew something was wrong as soon as they walked up.

"When the officers started looking inside there they saw one of the victims laying on the floor in plain view," says Barkalow.

Chief Barkalow says there's a history of domestic violence against Patrick and Carlotta Davis, telling 23 News the two were so fearful of their son Mitchell, they filed an order of protection against him two years ago. That order of protection expired late 2016. The couple never renewed it.

The murders of Patrick and Carlotta Davis are Freeport's first since July 2015 according to Chief Barkalow.

Mitchell now faces two counts of first degree murder. He was arrested in Logan County, but is now currently at the Stephenson County Jail.

Posted: February 15, 2017

FREEPORT, Ill. (WIFR) - A man is arrested after two people are found stabbed to death in Freeport.

Freeport Police say at 12:30 Wednesday morning, they received a call from the Logan County Sheriff's Office asking if police could make contact with residents that live in the 100 block of Park Crest Drive. Logan County is located in central Illinois between Springfield and Bloomington.

The Logan County Sheriff's Office had 33-year-old Mitchell Davis' vehicle stopped and wanted Freeport Police to check with the registered owners of the vehicle to see if Davis had permission to have that vehicle.

Freeport Police officers went to the 100 block of Park Crest Drive and could see two people inside and unresponsive. Officers entered the home and found them deceased with stab wounds to their bodies.

The victims are identified as 66-year-old Patrick and 59-year-old Carlotta Davis. Mitchell is charged with two counts of first degree murder. His bond is set at $750,000.