Spring allergy season

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Spring has sprung, but many of us know with the rise in temperatures and the longer days we will start to experience more allergy symptoms.

Nearly 50 million people suffer from allergies, many of them caused by trees, grass, and weeds. Doctors say while we may enjoy a sunny day to be outside, that's actually when pollen starts to spread.

Doctors at SwedishAmerican say there are some things we can do, along with medicine, to avoid feeling miserable as the weather gets nicer.

"If they have itchy eyes I tell them to wear sunglasses and not to rub their eyes", says Swedes allergist Dr. Fatima Mohiuddin. "I also say to them to shower at night before going to bed so they don't inhale the pollen".

The spring allergy season typically ends around mid-June,