Scammers target Pokemon Go players

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Players of a popular new cell phone game beware, scammers may be putting our fun at risk by trying to dip into our wallets and our personal information.

Pokemon Go players may receive a notification or an email that says we need a $12.99 upgrade or the game will freeze. The Better Business Bureau says the message is fake and if we fall for it, we may be giving up more than just cash.

"There is no upgrade available," says Better Business Bureau Director Dennis Horton. "However scammers are doing that and people who are having fun playing the game are forking over $12.99 and personal or financial information that can later be used for identity theft."

Pokemon Go is free to play with the exception of some optional in-game purchases. Horton says if we receive an upgrade email, delete it and call the BBB.

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