Rockford University inaugurates new president

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – In 2008, Rockford University inaugurated their 17th president, Dr. Robert Head, and after announcing his retirement, the University welcomed in president #18.

Dr. Eric Fulcomer is inaugurated as the 18th president in Rockford University’s 169-year history.

Fulcomer was officially welcomed in as the man in charge of the local university with a full day of academic showcases, highlighting 30 different areas of the school. Fulcomer says becoming the newest president of Rockford University is a goal he has wanted for a while.

"For me personally to be President of this institution it means a lot. I've been wanting to serve in a leadership like this. So to reach it its a personal achievement for me but its a great way to celebrate the university," says Dr. Fulcomer.

Dr. Fulcomer previously served as the Vice President for Enrollment Management at Rockford University.