Rockford Public Schools consider future of Walker School

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- After another break-in Wednesday, school board members are taking a harder look at the future of the Walker School Building.

"It's just, it's getting bad," reflects Daniel Sullivan, who says he moved into his house across from Walker School so his daughter could attend to school there.

"Walker school is one of the best schools that my kids have gone to in Rockford, while it was here," says Sullivan.

The school now sits empty and recent break-ins are why Sullivan says he'll be leaving.

"Almost every night of the week, there's somebody over there doing something they shouldn't be," says Sullivan.

Right now the School Board is weighing several options.
The first option is redevelopment.

Local Architect Gary Anderson says turning the structure into an apartment complex, but it’s too early to tell if it would be financially prudent.

The second option is demolition, which would cost the school board $545,000.

"If we were to redevelop that out there, that could be more money to use to reinvest back in our capital plan," says Rockford Public School Chief Operations Officer, Todd Schmidt.

Either way, neighbors like Sullivan say they just want a decision to be made soon.

"Really I just think it's a shame that they closed that school to begin with,” says Sullivan.