New gun store aims to provide family-friendly atmosphere

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Updated March 6, 2017

UPDATE: Biglinny's is going to be growing, not because the self proclaimed family-friendly gun store is getting a larger arsenal., but because they are adding a gun range. The Belvidere City Council unanimously approved Chris Linenfelser's request to build an indoor shooting range. The $1.2 million, six lane range will in essence be a building built within a building. That is they are building a cement building inside the current building to make sure it meets all laws and guidelines including being sound proof so it doesn't disturb the neighbors.

"We wouldn't want to listen to all the gunfire from inside a gun range either," said Linenfelser. "We realize there's a commercial area and a residential area right there together, and we want to do it right so the people that live there don't have to hear all that noise."

Linenfelser says the most important thing to come with this range is safety. Giving people a place to not only fire their weapons but also take safety classes. Linenfelser plans on having the shooting range operational around the July fourth holiday and says this expansion means he will be hiring ten to twelve more people to his staff.


Posted Aug. 6, 2016

BELVIDERE, Ill (WIFR) -- After legally selling guns from their home for years, Rockford area native Chris Linenfelser and his wife, Michelle opened their dream store in Belvidere this weekend. Biglinny Firearms, located at 485 Southtowne Dr., is open nights and weekends for people to buy and/or sell pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and plenty more. Linenfelser says selling a product surrounded by so much controversy is an opportunity he takes seriously.

"We want people to see that gun people are not bad people," Linenfelser said. "We're not the criminals, we're not the bad guys with the guns; we're the good guys with the guns. People need to be able to see the difference and understand it's not always a bad thing to have a gun."

Linenfelser's father, a Rockford Police officer of 25 years, influenced Chris' love for guns at a very young age. The store owner says that family atmosphere is something that makes 'Biglinny' unique.

"We run it with our family," explained Linenfelser. "Our grand kids are here playing with toys. We have 'Mia's Corner' for kids to color. We have gun-friendly coloring books while people buy guns. We want to do it differently."

Store employees say they all open-carry for customer safety. Linenfelser says he will give discounts to all active duty law enforcement, as well as service men and women. The store hopes to build a shooting range inside the facility in the near future.

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