Neighbors help woman in need after tree falls on her home

WINNEBAGO, Ill. (WIFR) -- A Winnebago woman had a tree damage her home from the recent storms. She was unsure if she would be able to get it fixed until neighbors stepped in.

Jan Stringer was in need of some help after a tree fell on her house following a recent storm leaving holes in her roof. A neighbor noticed and stepped in to help.

"We were driving by and just stopped and saw her and my heart went out to her standing there staring at this tree on her house, and she obviously was in no situation to remove it herself," said neighbor Elizabeth Frank.

That's when Frank got on Facebook reaching out to neighbors asking if they would help clean up Stringer's yard by cutting down the tree, removing debris and repairing the roof.

"They don't know her, but they know the situation is dire and she needs assistance and so they're willing to help, which is heartwarming," said Frank.

Stringer says the help was totally unexpected. She thinks the tree may have never been removed if it weren't for her neighbors.

"I just appreciate what they've done. I think it's a wonderful deed what they've done. Talk about good, Christian neighbors. That's what they are," said Stringer.

Stringer says she can't thank her neighbors enough for what they've done. They have now become her friends.

"There are angels among us. It isn't just up above it's down here too. It was a wonderful deed what all of you've done. I really appreciate it," said Stringer.