Motorcycle ride fundraiser to honor Austin Ramos Jr.'s

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SOUTH BELOIT, Ill. (WIFR) -- The 2nd annual Jr.'s Motorcycle Run fundraiser is held today to honor Austin Ramos Jr., who was killed last year in a drive-by shooting.

To honor Austin’s love of motorcycles, family members invited the public to join in on a motorcycle ride today from Riverside Lagoon, to Mustang's Bar & Grill in South Beloit. All proceeds and donations go towards a new college journey for a local high school graduate who wants to do public service work in the community.

"The reason I did this scholarship was just so this tragedy that happened to me wouldn't happen to somebody else. So making a scholarship for a student makes Beloit a little bit better place, and getting the community together, you know just helping others. I think it should be good for this community," says Austin Ramos Jr.’s mother, Jasmin Martinez.

Around 60 motorcycles rode in honor of Austin’s birthday weekend. He would have been 7-years-old today.