Local political insiders say Trump controversy is blinding us to the real issues

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- While some lawmakers across the country have drawn comparisons between recent allegations involving Trump and Watergate, political insiders here in the Stateline say they may be getting ahead of themselves.

Bob Evans, a political science professor at Rockford University, says if President Trump gave info to the Russian ambassador, the moment he did so declassifies it and it's not illegal. If however, President Trump told former F.B.I. director James Comey to stop investigating Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn that is a legal issue.

Jim Sacia, retired state Representative and F.B.I. agent, says to his knowledge the President expressed to Comey that he would like to see the Flynn investigation come to an end but did not tell him he needed to stop investigating.

Both men say the truth will come out, but for now our leaders need to focus on the things that affect us, the voters, such as jobs, education, and infrastructure.

"We need to get these kinds of issues back on the forefront. One could hope for all of our sakes this current controversy can be brought to a conclusion quickly, so congress and the president can get back to do what the American people sent them there to do," says Evans.

"One thing I learned in 11 years in Springfield; very little happens with clever sound bites. Where rubber meets the road is back in the district where citizens elected you," says Sacia.

Both Evans and Sacia believe the best chance our country and even state have of getting anything done is to see people stop taking a partisan approach and instead say we need to come together and have a real conversation without finger pointing and name calling.

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