Local man gets back on a motorcycle after losing his leg three years ago

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Troy Malone says his life changed in an instant while walking near a semi at work in 2014.

"The guy released the breaks on the truck and the truck started rolling forward and ran up the back of my leg," explained Malone.

Malone went through more than 20 surgeries as doctors tried to save his limb.

"I told them I was tired and just wanted to get back to regular life," said Malone. "So I told them to go ahead and amputate it."

Malone says he knew this would change his life and he had one major fear.

"When I had my leg amputated riding a motorcycle again was the last thing I ever thought I'd get to do again," said Malone.

Malone has been riding motorcycles since he was sixteen. Malone felt accepting defeat was not something he could do.

"It's like in my blood," explained Malone. "That's what I've always loved to do and I couldn't see myself doing anything in my free time besides riding, there's just nothing like it."

Malone says he knew he couldn't just jump on a bike with his prosthetic leg. Malone says he used worship music as a way to heal often bringing him to tears.

"Especially when you listen to the message of the song how God brings you through a lot of things," said Malone.

After almost three years Malone finally found the strength he needed to saddle back up on a motorcycle even when he was discouraged by others.

"I like to set goals and prove people wrong when they say you can't do something," explained Malone.

Malone says he back where he belongs, on the open road. Malone will be featured on a national web show called My Biker Life. His story will air next month at mybikerlife.com.

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