Local businesses support one another for national ice cream day

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) --Ice cream lovers all over the stateline satisfy their sweet tooth cravings by celebrating national ice cream day.

Winnebago Buy Local hosts their 5th annual "totally local ice cream social,” where over 25 local business owners scoop up sundaes for the community to celebrate national ice cream day.

"The goal for today is really just to bring our community closer to our local business owners. Get to know them. Get to shake their hands, see what they're all about in a really fun, non-pressured, non-selling way,” said president of Winnebago Buy Local, Lauren Davis.

Business owners scoop locally made ice cream and over 25 toppings to families this afternoon. Winnebago Buy Local hopes the ice cream social will show the youth the importance of buying local.

"It keeps our community unique and different from anywhere else. All of these business owners here, you're not going to find these businesses anywhere else, so it really, truly makes Winnebago County unique,” said Davis.

Families enjoy sundaes, floats and lots of entertainment while getting the chance to interact with business owners.

"It's tough sometimes to own a local business when you're competing with so many franchises and national companies that I think it's really important to understand how to keep them around and support them, just so we can continue to grow the community,” said ice cream social attendee, Trisha Burgan.

“To see everybody involved and help each other out and then to see all the other families come and get to enjoy these kinds of events, it's great to see,” said attendee Betsy Thirakoune.

Supporting local businesses is just one part of the goal for Winnebago Buy Local. Bringing the community together and having fun is the cherry on top.

Winnebago Buy Local is made up of over 250 local businesses that work together to keep our local economy growing.