Local energy company helps restore power in Florida, sends 90 employees from Beloit

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BELOIT, Ill. (WIFR) -- Thousands of families are still without power after Hurricane Irma. One local energy company is doing its part to help with relief efforts.
The nearly 100 employees being sent down by Alliant Energy were told that working and living conditions would not be ideal for the next two weeks.

They were told to expect to eat cold food, sleep in tents or trailers and anticipate possible encounters with snakes and alligators in the field. Despite all this they had to turn volunteers away.

Locally more than 200 energy will are making their way to Florida including more than 90 crews from Beloit.

Twenty-five trucks took off from Beloit this morning with extra gear and tools to help restore power to thousands of families affected by hurricane Irma. Alliant Energy started preparing to head down last week. Crews can expect to be down there for a minimum of two week but it could be longer.

Florida utilities requested national help through a national mutual assistance program however nearby Florida energy companies were already assisting with Harvey relief efforts which is why they needed help from the Midwest.

Roughly 200 personnel from Iowa and Wisconsin combined have volunteer from the Midwest area to help restore power to Hurricane Irma victims.