Kye the comfort dog returns from Las Vegas

BELVIDERE, Ill (WIFR) -- She may have the same nose, paws and playful spirit as any golden retriever, but Kye comfort dog is anything but an average dog. Kye knows that when her vest is on it's time to get to work.

"Dogs like to have a job and I got to tell you I can’t imagine her having any other job. She is so good at it," says Kye’s handler Libby Robertson. "As a comfort dog Kye's job is to calm and encourage those affected by traumatic events."

"Their job is to do just that. Provide comfort to people," says Robertson.

The 6-year old golden retriever just returned from Las Vegas. Robertson says once in Las Vegas that one woman's story prepared her for just how big of a job the two would have.

"Her husband called her and said, 'There’s an active shooter, I love you' and hung up and she started to sob when she was telling me this. It really hit home for me. I realized we had some hard work ahead of us," says Roberts.

Kye’s work may seem trivial to some, but impacted the lives of so many after the Vegas shooting.

"It lowers their heart rate. It lowers their blood pressure, and they are able to just be quiet in those moments. And just those 10 or 15 minutes gives them an opportunity so that the healing can begin," says Roberts.

Until she gets the call, Kye is back home being a dog. The second thing she does best. After a long day on the job, the dogs debrief daily. A time where they play and just be a dog.

Becca, the comfort dog also based out of Belvidere, was sent to Las Vegas as Kye was returning. She is still currently in Las Vegas.