Families move into The Grove at Keith Creek from Fairgrounds

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Families are beginning to make the move from Fairgrounds to the new, controversial housing development The Grove at Keith Creek. Some have the help from churches as a part of the family to family program that helps make the move a little bit easier.

"You don't have to worry about so much violence, the break ins, the guns, the drugs, it's Pleasantville,” said new neighbor in The Grove Valencia Redmond.

Valencia Redmond along with help from Grace United Methodist Church continues to move into her new home today. She thinks being able to move to the grove from Fairgrounds is a blessing and something she never thought was possible. Redmond says she's excited to begin this new chapter for her and her three children, and believes there's no way she could have made the move without the help from the family to family program, who she now calls her new family members.

"It's a new community why not bring some new stuff here. A new attitude, a new outlook on things. It changes you and motivates you to want to do better,” said Redmond.

"Well this is what Jesus calls us to do. This is the hands and feet. To know folks, to understand folks that have a different story then ours and for them to know us,” said Pastor of Grace United Methodist Church, Pan Rossmiller.

Redmond says she knows some of the neighbors didn't want people to move into The Grove, but she says many neighbors have been very accepting so far. She believes this fresh start will give many people new opportunities to begin a new life.