Dry weather impacting crops

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – From flooding to drought, the weather has proved to be nothing short of a challenge for area farmers this growing season as many head to their fields for harvest.

Flooding in April kept many farmers out of their fields earlier this year. Because of so much rainfall earlier, to now a lack of rain, crops are suffering. Area farmers say they’re already noticing a difference.

“The biggest thing we are seeing this year with our harvest is our grain yield, total yield, is down from what we’ve previously been seeing, and the other thing that we are seeing is that the size of our grain is smaller than what we would see in a normal year,” says farmer, Brent Pollard.

Even though yields may be lower in some areas this year, Pollard says the prices will not likely be impacted all that much thanks to higher yields the last two years.