Community comes together to help clean up Stillman Valley's storm damage

STILLMAN VALLEY, Ill. (WIFR) -- Saturday night’s thunderstorms left their mark near Stillman Valley. Strong winds destroyed Toby Behmer's farm in Stillman Valley Saturday night, but on Sunday family, friends, and people from the community came together to help out.

Behmer says about 100 people came to help him clean up the debris of his farm that included a barn, machine shed,and green house throughout the day. He says he was the only one in his home across the street from the farm at the time, so no one was injured. Behmer says they don't know if it was a microburst or tornado...but an emergency management agent said the winds were between 95-110 miles per hour.

"I was extremely proud to live in Stillman Valley, this is really heart-warming. I get pretty emotional about things like this and you get outpouring of support like this and you never want to leave, you never want to leave it. You want to be around these people for the rest of your life, it's awesome," says Stillman Valley farm owner, Toby Behmer.

Behmer says after the clean everything up they are going to start building the farm back up bigger and stronger than before.