Burgers and Bikes Ride to 15th and Chris

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Two local businesses from opposite sides of town come together this evening to enjoy these last few weeks of summer with some burgers and a bike ride. A business owner and a customer came up with this event to try to bring the Rockford community together.

"It’s my flavor your style so that's 15th and Chris," says 15th and Chris Owner, James Purifoy.

James Purifoy opened his restaurant 15th and Chris in Rockford 3 years ago. Johnny Alex is a regular at 15th and Chris. He works as a salesman for Kegel Harley Davidson. After a long chat with Purifoy, they decided they needed to get the community together before summer's over to enjoy some burgers after a ride.

"He said you know what next Wednesday I’m bringing the bikes out and I said let me see. Then he brought the bikes out," says Purifoy.

After Alex posted on social media, the event became a hit. 45 bikers came out for the cruise. They started at Kegel Harley Davidson on the opposite side of Rockford, then took a ride down 20 and came down Main Street to their final destination of 15th and Chris to bring the two businesses together.

"I was just tickled as we pulled down 20, you can see a mile headlights behind you it’s very motivating. I looked at the guy riding right next to me and I look back I said I could cry I’m so happy right now," says Kegler Harley Davidson Salesman, Johnny Alex.

"This is just some friends coming together with some great minds to make some beautiful stuff happen. You look outside you're going to see a whole bunch of Rockford, a whole different people of all different colors, everybody out there is going to have a good time we're about Rockford supporting Rockford," says Purifoy.

Alex says this is exactly what the community needs.

"Some places where we can hang outside listen to good music and have some great food and have the owner come out and talk to you like your best friend, and bring people like this together more and more.
It's a touching thing from the community and the area," says Alex.

"It's always going to be great to show Rockford something that they've never seen before they never get to see Rockford come together like this," says Purifoy.

Both businesses plan on doing more events like this in the future to help people get out of the house and meet new people around the community, while making a trip to a restaurant they may have never been to before.