Boone County fire fighters fight back over chief's firing

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BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) -- Members of Boone County rallied in support of brad Bartell saying he was unfairly relieved of his position as Chief of Boone County District 2 Fire Department. Several feel the employee handbook which was used as the ground for Bartell's termination is one sided and should be re-written in collaboration with the fire fighters. Fire fighters say there are some ethical issues with the board of trustees to be addressed as well as ensuring there are proper employment policies in place to protect themselves from unjust termination.

"There's pretty much no disciplinary policy that says, 'Hey you have to follow the write-up or the coaching,' things of that nature," explained Bret Bryan, Treasurer for Boone County District 2 Fire Fighter Association. "It's pretty much, 'Hey you messed up,' they can toss you right out. Even McDonald's, that's a fast food chain, they have better policies than a fire district does here in the State of Illinois with people that volunteer their lives and their time."

Bryan says there is an investigation into the board of trustees for discussing topics behind closed doors that should have been discussed in front of an open public. The board did not want to comment.

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