Alderwoman wants to clean up tent city

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- 5th Ward Alderwoman Venita Hervey believes the area known as tent city needs to go. Hervey says too often she hears her neighbors say people who live in tent city are dangerous. Hervey says those in her ward say they just don't feel safe especially since two murders occurred in tent city. Hervey says as much as the city would like to go down into the Winnebago Street Viaduct and clean it up,they can't. Tent city resides on rail road property which has it's own federal protection where a municipality like Rockford has no control. Hervey says it's about more than just her neighbors feeling safe. It's about helping the people who live in tent city get a real roof over their heads.

"The human services department with the city of Rockford will post notice, well our Code Enforcement post notice," explained Hervey. "And they know within 48 hours they have to have their things packed up. We actually try to re-settle them, we re-house them."

Hervey says that some of the foot work that allows the city to post notices has been completed and she expects that Code Enforcement will be able to sweep through tent city in two to four weeks.

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