911 tapes of caller who found Jakubowski released

VERNON CO., WI (WIFR) -- We're hearing for the first time the calm conversation between deputies and the man who found Joseph Jakubowski after an extensive manhunt. The caller Jeff Gorn didn't even know about Jakubowski or the danger he could have been in.

Image License Photo: Rock County Sheriff's Office

"I have a man that's living in a, it looks like a blue tarp," Gorn is heard telling a 911 dispatcher on recently released 911 tapes.

It's a very calm sounding call from Gorn, a former school counselor, who found Wisconsin’s most wanted man on his property.
Gorn called the Vernon County Sheriff's Department and explains the hour-long conversation he had with Jakubowski.

"He was really serious about that. That he made some threats. He said he sent out 25 letters that had to do with telling the government you know the things they were doing wrong and how he was going to change it all," Gorn told dispatchers.

Gorn called 911 saying he got a funny feeling about the man and wanted to know if police were looking for anyone. He was surprised to find out they were. Gorn sounds almost frantic when he calls 911 again.

"It is the guy. I looked at a picture online," he says on the 911 tapes.

Gorn then goes on to warn police about Jakubowski's location on his property.

"If you're going to come in, come in quiet. He's got an awesome vantage point to see everything. I asked him why he picked that spot and he said because I can see everything around."

Jakubowski was arrested without incident. While Gorn says he was happy to help end the manhunt, the psychiatrist also understands Jakubowski's mindset.

"If you listen to his story any of us would agree, yeah that’s a tough road that he's been down. It might not be so tough for somebody else, but for him it's extremely tough," he said.

Police say it is likely Gorn will get that $20,000 reward from the FBI for that call that led to Jakubowski's arrest.

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