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Introduction to Dream Interpretation

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4/19/2018 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 8:30 PM
4/26/2018 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 8:30 PM
5/3/2018 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 8:30 PM
5/10/2018 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 8:30 PM
Womanspace in Rockford
Dream interpretation is an ancient spiritual practice for discovering the secrets hidden in our subconscious minds. We can use this awareness to consciously create in our everyday lives rather than feeling a victim to our emotions and habitual patterns of behavior. There are not only
patterns, but themes and tones that run through our dreams and
our daily lives. There are several levels of mind where dreamers dream, and this symbology
moves beyond the personal into
the realm of the universal. By
understanding the messages of
our dreams, we can understand
the wholeness of who we are.
This provides us with guideposts
for understanding and healing.
Understanding the universal
nature of symbols is always
showing you a deeper meaning.
You are the explorer. Join us
on this journey of insight and
healing. If you don’t remember
your dreams, this beginner’s
course will give you the tools
to start your journey into your
subconscious mind. Bring a
dream journal for writing down
your dreams. Recommended
book: Naked in Public: Dream
Symbols Revealed by Kathryn
and Patrick Andries, Ozark
Mountain Publishing, 2014.