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Parenting the Tough Topics

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Womanspace, Rockford
Parenting the
Tough Topics
Mia Raether
William Reif Gallery
This series includes presentations
on some of the most challenging
parts of parenting…talking to
our kids about responsibility &
readiness for adulthood, peer
pressure/bullying/social media,
drugs/alcohol, and sexuality/
pornography/sexting. How
do we start the conversation?
How do we keep our kids
engaged? How do we stay
connected enough that our kids
will feel comfortable talking
with us about these topics?
Learn how with a relaxed and
educated approach. After a
short presentation, attendees
will engage in a round table
discussion in which they can ask
questions, practice techniques,
and support one another. Bring
a friend, relative or significant

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The Joy of Writing

Event Dates and Times

Womanspace, Rockford
Whether you have always
wanted to write or simply want
to experiment and express
yourself in poetry or prose, this
class will explore the wonders
of writing for the pure joy of it.
No pressure, no judgment, just
a safe nurturing evening to play
with words. We will do plenty of
writing and sharing, with several
fun and fascinating exercises
stimulated by each of all five
(six!) senses to capture our
memories, emotions, opinions
and outlook in our writing.
Bring your notebook and your
favorite pen and be prepared
to surprise yourself!
Wednesday, 1:00–3:00p